• 1 Nuclear Medicine Center

    KIMS DDNMRC is a state of the art diagnostic & therapeutic nuclear medicine facility, at KIMS Hospital, owned and managed by CeeVees Imaging & Healthcare Research Pvt. Ltd.

    The centre houses the state of the art Dual Head gamma Camera systems from Siemens, Gamma Uptake Probes and has in house facilities for Thyroid Cancer & Bone pain Palliation therapies.

    The centre is soon to receive its PET CT equipment shortly.
  • 2 Advanced Radiology Imaging Facility

    KIMS DDNMRC offers Imaging and Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine services utilizing the most modern state-of-the-art Dual Head SPECT Gamma Camera, Its kind of first in Kerala, which has a better sensitivity, specificity faster imaging time and comfort to the patient.
  • 3 Heart Failure Centre

    + Opening new frontiers of treatment options for the injured and failing heart - EECP Therapy

    + Improving Quality of life of the heart failure patient - EECP Therapy

    + Exploring the emerging options of stem cell therapy - Opening new credible frontiers as therapeutic options
  • 5 Diabetic Foot Care Centre

    + A New Approach to healing foot wounds

    + Saving ones leg is more valuable than saving ones life

    + EECP Therapy - A combined new approach to saving non healing foot ulcers

    + Home care based diabetic foot care therapy - A combined approach to a new therapy
  • 4 Thyroid Cancer Therapy Facility

    + CT scan (CAT scan) makes a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body, taken from different angles.

    + Radioactive iodine scan (RAI scan) to find areas in the body where thyroid cancer cells may be dividing quickly.

    + PET scan (positron emission tomography scan) to find malignant tumor cells in the body.
  • 6 PET CT Facility

    + Redefining standards for oncology diagnosis & care

    + Opening new visual and analytical frontiers in the diagnosis & treatment of Cardiac & Brain disorders